Myristoyl coenzyme A Sodium Salt (CAS 3130-72-1) - 10mg
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    Alternate Names: Myristoyl coenzyme A Sodium Salt is also known as Tetradecanoyl Coenzyme A Sodium Salt.

    Application: Myristoyl coenzyme A is a derivative of Coenzyme A that contains myristic acid, a long-chain fatty acid.

    CAS Number: 3130-72-1

    Purity: ≥94%

    Molecular Weight: 977.90

    Molecular Formula: C35H62N7O17P3S•xNa

    Myristoyl coenzyme A is a derivative of Coenzyme A, also known as CoA. Myristoyl coenzyme A. contains the long-chain fatty acid myristic acid. During myristoylation, it acts as a substrate for N-myristoyltransferase. Myristoyl coenzyme A is also a substrate in the de novo synthesis of phosphatidylinositol. Myristoyl coenzyme A is also known as Myristoyl-CoA, Tetradecanoyl-CoA, Myristoyl Coenzyme A free acid, Tetradecanoyl Coenzyme A, and S-tetradecanoate, coenzyme A, monohydrate.


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