Terms & Conditions

The quote is valid for 30 days. The document does not denote an order. If you wish to purchase the items shown in this quote, we must receive an official purchase order or an e-mail confirmation. You can also confirm the quote online through the customer portal.

Product prices, delivery and other fees are correct at the time of quotation. However, Gentaur reserves the right to alter prices and delivery charges at any time, but not without informing the customer in a proper manner.

For dry ice we charge extra 25 USD.

Our delivery time is usually 1-2 weeks. However, this is merely an indicative lead time as unexpected delays due to production, transportation, import, etc. issues may occur. Gentaur reserves the right to refuse liability in case of unexpected delays.

Gentaur reserves the right to require a partial or full prepayment for orders when deemed necessary.

Any complaints of the product performance should be reported to Gentaur by the customer within 30 days of the receipt of the product. Should a problem with the product's performance occur, please provide us with the Lot number of the product and the reference for your purchase order with Gentaur, along with your test results and other relevant data. Should our product be deemed faulty, a refund, store credit or free replacement will be provided to you on a case-to-case basis.

Gentaur shall not be held liable or issue refunds/replacements for products, whose integrity has been compromised by improper handling or storage.

It is the customer's responsibility to place the order with the correct product details (catalogue number, product description and quantity/size). Gentaur shall not be held liable or issue refunds/replacements for delivering products based on incorrectly provided product details.

Custom and made-to-order products' lead time is only an estimation. No delay period for the delivery of such products shall be a reason for cancellation. Should an order for a custom or made-to-order product be cancelled, a restocking fee of up to 95% may be applied.

Orders cannot be cancelled later than 48 hours after they are placed and/or after they are shipped.