AAV-DJ/8 Helper Free Expression System - 1 kit

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    • Complete Expression System contains packaging plasmids, expression vector and GFP control vector
    • pHelper plasmid contains required E2A, E4, and VA RNA adenoviral genes; eliminates the need for a helper adenovirus
    • AAV-DJ/8 system provides a mutant of AAV-DJ designed to mimic AAV-8 and AAV-9 infectivity
    • Cloning capacity of expression vector = 3 kb

    The AAV Helper Free System produces recombinant AAV containing your gene of interest without the need to use a helper adenovirus. The adenoviral genes required for proper AAV packaging are provided in the pHelper plasmid (E2A, E4 and VA RNA) or in the 293 packaging cells.

    AAV Helper Free Complete Expression Systems are available for native serotypes 1 through 6, as well as the novel AAV-DJ and AAV-DJ/8. The AAV-DJ system provides a hybrid capsid created by DNA shuffling technology combining 8 different native serotypes: AAV-2, AAV-4, AAV-5, AAV-8, AAV-9, avian AAV, bovine AAV, and caprine AAV. AAV-DJ/8 is a mutant of AAV-DJ that provides infectivity of certain tissue types similar to AAV-8 and AAV-9.

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    NOTE: AAV-DJ/8 Helper Free Systems are available for sale to academic, government and non-profit research laboratories. All other purchasers require a commercial license for all fields including research use. Please contact us for license information.