General Serum Diluent - 500 mL
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    For diluting goat, rabbit, mouse, avian, and human sera, as well as mouse ascites fluid, and cell culture media, for use in sandwich ELISA. It can also be used for diluting many serum samples, including mammalian and chicken, in antigen-down ELISA.


    A stable protein matrix for dilution of serum and other aqueous-based biological samples.

    General Serum Diluent is formulated to provide a stable, protein-friendly environment for dilution of serum, cell culture, ascites, urine, and other aqueous-based biological samples for evaluation within an ELISA format. It can serve as an excellent generic matrix in which to dilute antigen standards when preparing standard curves within antibody-sandwich formats. It also provides an excellent serum dilution medium for antigen-down ELISAs in the assessment of a humoral immune response to a particular disease state or immunization regimen.

    Sample diluents are used to dilute samples into the functional range of the assay and to create the standard curve. Due to the finite binding capacity of the plate well-coated proteins (e.g., antibodies, antigens), highly concentrated samples must be diluted in order to obtain absorbance readings within the sensitivity detection limits of the instrument. Properly formulated sample diluents will also reduce background noise associated with non-specific bridging of signal-generating conjugates to the plate well surface.

    General Serum Diluent provides a BSA protein-buffered, neutral pH environment that is highly compatible with antibody-antigen interactions. Inclusion of a protein component helps minimize the degree of non-specific IgG adsorption onto coated and blocked ELISA plate wells during antigen-down screening of serum or plasma samples. Antimicrobial agents allow for room temperature bench-top use and extensive storage stability at 2-8°C.

    Storage: 2-8°C

    PH: 7.4 at 1X

    Supplied At: 1X

    Protein Content: Mammalian Proteins

    Expiration: Expires two years from date of manufacture


    1. Prepare standards and samples in General Serum Diluent.

    2. Serum samples should generally be diluted at least 1:50 in order to minimize backgrounds caused by non-specific antibody binding.

    3. To dilute the sample 1:100, add 1 part sample to 99 parts General Serum Diluent. For example, add 10 μL sample to 990 μL sample diluent for a total of 1,000 μL.

    4. Highly concentrated samples may need to be diluted 1:1,000 or more.

    5. Once diluted, run the assay according to the specific ELISA protocol.