Normal human tissues, FDA, 35 organs in triplicates (1.5mm)

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    Species: Human
    Cases: >3
    Cores: 102
    Core Size: 1.5mm
    Core Thickness: 4um
    Rows: 8
    Columns: 13
    Intended Usage: For research use only. Designed for antibody cross reactivity analysis and IHC or ISH based protein or RNA tissue profiling in normal human tissues.

    All the tissues were fixed in 10% neutral buffered formalin for 24 hours and processed using identical SOPs. Sections were picked onto Superfrost Plus or APES coated Superfrost slides. They can be stored for use at 4C for up to six months from the date of shipment. There may be 5 to 10% of tissue core loss.

    Bake at 60C for ~60 minutes before use. If antigen retrieving is needed, it is important to avoid direct-boiling and high pH or high strength antigen retrieving buffer.