Ulex europaeus Lectin (UEA I) - Cy5 - 1 mg


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    Abbreviation:UEA I
    Material Source::Gorse
    Conjugate::Cyanine 5 (Cy5)
    Concentration::1 mg/mL
    Molecular Weight::N/A
    Molecular Formula::N/A
    Shelf Life::1 year
    Blood Group Specificity::Non-specific
    Preferred Sugar Specificity::α-Fucose
    Inhibiting or Eluting Sugar::L-Fucose
    Divalent Ions::Ca++, Mn++, Zn++
    Excitation::650 nm
    Emission::670 nm
    Mitogenic Activity::No
    Lyophilized or Liquid:Liquid
    Storage Temperature::2-8°C
    Hazardous Shipping::Non-hazardous