MicroMolar UDP assay kit - 100 assays

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    The MicroMolar UDP Assay is for measurement of UDP concentrations in a sub-micromolar to low micromolar range. Other nucleoside diphosphates (ADP, GDP and CDP) showed very little background. Nucleoside triphosphates (ATP, UTP, GTP and CTP) and monophosphates (AMP, UMP, GMP and CMP) are not detected. The UDP assay is based on fluorescence measurement with emission at 535 nm and excitation at 485 nm. It is a high throughput assay using regular black 96-well or 384-well plates. Microcuvettes may also be used for detection of the fluorescence signals. The assay can be used to measure contamination of UDP in UTP samples or monitor hydrolysis of UTP. It can also be used for measurement of enzyme activities that generate UDP molecules. The UDP assay is compatible with common reaction buffers with magnesium. It is not compatible with samples containing high concentrations of DNA or RNA. 

    This product includes 350 ul of 10 x Buffer, 30 ul of 100 x MUD reagent 1, 30 ul of 100 x MUD reagent 2, and 300 ul of 10 x fluorescence dye. The assay reagents are sufficient for measurement of 100 samples of UDP using a standard black 384-well plate.


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