pCDNA3.1-3-HA-TBK1 Plasmid


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    PVT13315    2ug

    pCDNA3.1-3-HA-TBK1 Search name

    pCDNA3.1-3-HA-TBK1,pCDNA3.1-3-HA-TBK1 vector,pCDNA3.1-3-HA-TBK1 plasmid,pCDNA3.1-3-HA-TBK1 map

    pCDNA3.1-3-HA-TBK1 Information

    Bacterial Resistance(s):   Amp

    Screening: G418 
    Growth Strain(s): DH5 alpha
    Growth Condition: LB/37 Centigrade