LSD Forensic ELISA Kit - 96 wells plate
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    INTENDED USE: For the determination of trace quantities of LSD and/or other metabolites in human urine, blood,

    oral fluid. 


    This ELISA (Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay) test kit is a qualitative one-step kit designed for

    use as a screening device for the detection of drugs and/or their metabolites. The kit was designed for screening purposes and is intended for forensic use only. It is recommended that all suspect samples be confirmed by a quantitative method such as gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS). 


    This test kit operates on the basis of competition between the drug or its metabolite in the sample and the

    drug-enzyme conjugate for a limited number of antibody binding sites.  First, the sample or control is added to the microplate. Next, the drug-enzyme conjugate is added and the mixture is incubated at room temperature. During this incubation, the drug in the sample or the drug-enzyme conjugate binds to antibody immobilized in the microplate wells.

    After incubation, the plate is washed to remove any unbound sample or drug-enzyme conjugate. The presence of bound drug-enzyme conjugate is recognized by the addition of K-Blue

    ® Substrate (TMB).  After a 30 minute substrate incubation,  the reaction is halted with the addition of an acid stop. The test can be read visually or with a microplate reader equipped

    with a 450 nm filter. The extent of color development is inversely proportional to the amount of drug in the sample or control. In other words, the absence of the drug in the sample will result in a dark yellow color, whereas the presence of the

    drug will result in light yellow to no color development. 


    This kit can be used until the expiration date on the label when stored refrigerated at 2-8°C. Store controls frozen if not used within 10 days. Note:  Some kits require controls to be stored frozen immediately upon receipt.  Reference kit label for


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